DANTES Testing

Defense Activity For Non-traditional Education Support

Montana State University Billings offers credit for successful performance on selected DANTES subject standardized tests. The DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSSTs) enable you to obtain college credit for what you have learned on the job, through self-study, personal interest, correspondence courses or by any other means.  

DANTES is used by colleges and universities to award college credit to students who demonstrate that they know as much as students completing an equivalent college course. It is a cost-efficient, timesaving way for students to use their knowledge to accomplish their educational goals. Start with the DANTES registration form available from City College Library/Testing Center.


Enrolled MSU Billings students will receive credit and a grade of “P” for test scores meeting the department standards. Students must first submit official test results to Admissions and follow the procedure for Accelerated Course Work in the MSU Billings General Bulletin.


Qualifying scores will be entered on the transcript with a grade of “P” and the number of credits. No record of unsuccessful DANTES testing will be entered on a transcript.

To Register:

Please call the City College Library and Testing Center at 406-247-3025 for available times/dates and specific pricing information.




Algebra, College M 121 3
Algebra, Intermed College M 095 3
Am Lit, Survey Lit 110 3
Am Lit II, Survey Lit 110 3
Art of the Western World Arth 160 3
Bus, Intro to Bus 101 3
Bus Law I Bus 205 3
Calculus I M 171 4
Chem I, College Chmy 121 3
Ed Psych Edu 221 3
Eng Lit, Survey Lit 110 3
Geography Gphy 111 3
Geog, Human/Cultural Gphy 141 3
Geology I Geo 101 3
Geology, Physical Geo 101 3
Hist of West Civ to 1500 Hstr 101 3
Hist of West Civ since 1500 Hstr 102 3
Physics I, College Phsx 205 3
Psych of Adjustment Psyx 231 3
Public Speaking Comt 130 3
Statistics, Basic Stat 141 3
Stats, Principles Stat 141 3
Trigonometry, Plane M 151 3

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