Our City College

We live in Montana's CITY. Let's build a two-year COLLEGE to reflect the needs of our citizens. It starts by offering courses that not only fit your needs but also your schedule.

Classes run January 16, 2013 through May 3, 2013

Course Class Days Time Credits
WRIT 095 Developmental Writing Tues, Thurs 5:45-7:15pm 3
WRIT 101-600 College Writing I* Tues 5:45-7:15pm 3
WRIT 220-005 Business and Professional Writing Tues, Thurs 7:30-9:00pm 3
M 095 Intermediate Algebra Tues, Thurs 7:30-9:30pm 4
M 121-600 College Algebra* Thurs 5:45-7:15pm 3
M 143-001 Finite Mathematics Mon, Wed 7:30-9:30pm 4
PSYX 100-004 Introduction to Psychology Wed 5:45-8:45pm 3
COMT 109-004 Human Relations Mon, Wed 5:45-7:15pm 3
COMT 130-011 Introduction to Public Speaking Mon 5:45-8:45pm 3
CAPP 120 Introduction to Computers Tues 5:30-7 pm 3
*Denotes Hybrid Course—Blended online and in-class

The Transition

Over the next year the Montana State University Billings College of Technology will be making the transformation to City College at Montana State University Billings.  This change is about expanding the best two-year educational experience possible while keeping up with the ever–changing and growing  landscape of local, state and regional employment needs. Therefore, it is more than a change of a name. It is about a new way of doing things.

Rest assured that the best of the C O T will be a part of the C I T Y.  That said, you may be asking, why the name change and why now?  The change is an initiative set forth by the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education and all College of Technology’s in the state.  The initiative is based on four fundamental goals for today and the future of two-year education in Montana.

  • Continue efforts to provide workforce development opportunities.
  • Create new adult friendly access points which better serve working adults who have families.
  • Respond to the lifelong learning needs of communities (through short-term classes, workshops, online options, or seminars).
  • Foster positive community development.

The difference is in the name!

City College is about reflecting the needs and desires of our city, surrounding area, and its inhabitants.  In fact, 67% of current COT students come from Yellowstone County with over 80% living within a 90-mile radius from the heart of the city.

The transformation is already under way.
The MSU Billings College of Technology is perfectly positioned to make the transition to City College.  In the last year alone MSU Billings has developed many successful “City College” opportunities for our students and community. Some are:

What happens next?

Like a “City,” this means service doesn’t stop at 5 pm. Our first step is to offer a greater variety of evening courses to the public.  Registration is now open for a buffet of new evening classes.  Click here to view the full slate of offerings!

Going forward we will be developing new programs to meet the educational needs of our city and our region.  We want you to be a part of the discussion over the next year.  If you have unique thoughts or insights please share them by emailing ourcitycollege@msubillings.edu.

We also encourage you to check this website for updates on the transformation.

College of Technology during the dedication of the 911 Memorial

Answers to some of your general questions?

Why are we even doing this?

About three years ago, the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education got a grant from the Lumina Foundation to develop new strategies to get more Montanans involved in two-year education programs. The Board of Regents made it a top priority.

Why can't we just keep the COT name?

Studies and investigations found that the name "technology" was limiting in how citizens perceived the mission and service of our two-year institutions. We do more than deliver technology degrees, even though those remain important parts of our academic offerings. Therefore, Regents decided new names and expanded missions needed to move beyond the "technology" name. The initiative is based on four fundamental goals: 1) Continue efforts to provide workforce development opportunities. 2) Create new and adult-friendly access points to better serve working adults. 3) Respond to lifelong learning needs through short-term classes, workshops, online options or seminars. 4) Foster positive community development.

Why can't we call it the "Billings Community College?"

Community colleges (like those in Glendive, Miles City and Kalispell) are statutorily established. That means they have definitions in state law and the name "community college" has implications for taxing districts, differential tuition, an elected board and other matters. As wonderful as it might be (and as easy as it may have been in other states), we are not allowed to simply and suddenly call ourselves a community college.

Who selected the City College at MSU Billings name?

Through a process led by OCHE and Stragegies 360 (a consulting group) a process was developed to determine different options of names that best reflected the mission and affiliation of COTs in Billings, Missoula, Butte, Helena, Great Falls as well as two-year programs in Bozeman and the Bitterroot. The "City College at MSU Billings" name was one of a number of options proposed by that group. Other names were vetted in campus-wide forums in February led by Chancellor Groseth and COT Dean Marsha Riley. Further discussions with staff, the university's Communication and Marketing Comittee and Chancellor's Cabinet resulted in a recommendation of City College at MSU Billings to OCHE. That recommendation will be considered by the Board of Regents in Havre.

Why not "Billings City College" or "Billings College"?

Montana State University Billings is unique in that we are the only university with the city already in the name of the institution. We have the University of Montana, Univesity of Montana Western, Montana Tech of the University of Montana, Montana State University, Montana State University Northern and us... MSU Billings.  Having Billings in the new name of the two-year college was simply redundant. "Billings College at Montana State University Billings" also made it appear we didn't know what end of the "name train" to put Billings.

How long will the transformation to City College take?

You will see different aspects of City College roll out between now and its full implementation in June 2013.

Will the Tech Programs remain at the COT?

Absolutely, our world-class programs like Autobody, Diesel, Drafting and Design, Welding, etc. will continue to remain hallmark programs at City College.

Will the application process change? 

No, MSU Billings commitment to Access & Excellence is unwavering.  The application process for City College will remain the same.

Will there be changes to financial aid?

No, the financial aid process will remain the same and students at City College will be eligible for aid like any other student attending MSUB.

This is an exciting time for two-year education in the state of Montana.  It is even more exciting when you are in the heart of Montana’s City!

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