Dual Enrollment

According to the Montana University System Operational Guidelines for Dual Enrollment and Other Secondary-Postsecondary Credit Opportunities, Dual Enrollment is the broad term for various opportunities for high school students to take college coursework prior to graduation.

A dual credit course awards both high school and college credit for a college course taken by the high school student.  The decision to award high school credit for the college course rests with the school district, provided that the decision is consistent with applicable laws, policies, and administrative rules.

The high school guidance office is a good place to start if a student is seeking dual credit courses.  The counselor can determine course applicability and credit equivalency.  The high school is the final authority on what is required for high school graduation.  The student is responsible for making sure all requirements are met.

Offered by City College at Montana State University Billings:

University Connections and Concurrent Enrollment

"" Learn more about University Connections

The term Concurrent Enrollment applies to students who are taking courses taught at the high school within the normal school day, which allow students to earn both high school and college credit, concurrently.

Different courses are being offered at various high schools in the Billings region and nearby.  If you know a course you would like to sign up for, please contact:

Dual Enrollment Program Manager:  Harold Olson
Email:  harold.olson1@msubillings.edu
Phone:  406-247-3015

Guidelines for Getting Registered

  1. Sign up to take the COMPASS.  In most instances, you must pass this placement test in order to be eligible for concurrent enrollment courses.  Contact the Dual Enrollment Program Manager or Advising (406-657-2240) to schedule your test.

  2.  Complete the application found here.

  3. Follow registration procedures at your high school.  Because concurrent enrollment courses offer both high school and college credit, it is imperative you complete all necessary steps to enroll at both institutions. 

  4. If you need to order book(s) from MSU Billings, be sure to visit Jackets and Company.

  5. Pay your bill before the deadline to avoid late fees. 

City College at MSU Billings
3803 Central Avenue
Billlings, MT  59102
Fax:  406-247-3014

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