Dual Enrollment

According to the Montana University System Operational Guidelines for Dual Enrollment and Other Secondary-Postsecondary Credit Opportunities, Dual Enrollment is the broad term for various types of opportunities for high school students to take college coursework while they are enrolled in high school.

A Dual Credit course awards both high school credit and college credit for a college course taken by the high school student. The decision to award high school credit for the college course rests with the school district, provided that the decision is consistent with applicable laws, policies, and administrative rules.

Seek advice from your high school counselor. If dual credit is requested, your high school counselor will determine course applicability and credit equivalency. The high school is the final authority on what is required for high school graduation. The student is responsible for making sure all requirements are met.

Parents and High School Students - Check with your high school counselor to see if your school has a dual enrollment agreement with City College at MSU Billings.

High School Counselors and Administrators – Are you interested in getting your students enrolled in dual enrollment courses, or are you a returning site facilitator getting your students ready to register for next year?  If so, just follow the easy steps listed below.

  1. Obtain an information packet. Contact Kelly Pagano, Dual Enrollment Program Manager, at kelly.kloesel@msubillings.edu or by phone at (406) 896-5814.
  1. Sign and return a Dual Enrollment Agreement. Note: Agreements must be signed and returned annually.
  1. Refer to the checklist in your information packet and have each student complete and mail (1) dual credit application, (2) request for enrollment/grade release, (3) appropriate payment to the Admissions and Records Office.

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"" Dual Enrollment Guidelines

two students at orientation on the MSUB four-year campus

All courses listed below begin January 16 and end May 2.

Dual Credit Courses

The following two courses are offered online through City College at Montana State University Billings and available for both high school and college credit.

ACTG 103 Accounting Procedures III
Prerequisite: ACTG 101 and 102
Introduces advanced accounting topics. Includes voucher systems, accounting procedures for partnerships and corporations, statement of cash flows, analysis of financial statements, and an overview of departmental and manufacturing accounting.

M 114 Extended Technical Mathematics*
Prerequisite: M 111 or M 095 or appropriate placement score. 

Applies math to problems drawn from diverse occupational fields. Provides college level study of measurement, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry as needed to solve mathematical applications in a trade or technical work environment.

College Credit Only Courses

Here is a list of courses for high school students for college credit only.  These courses might also help students get a “jump start” on their a particular academic program.

Course Credits
CAPP 120 Intro to Computers 3
GEN 105B Introduction to Business 3
COMT 109 Human Relations* 3
WRIT 122 Intro to Business Writing* 3
NRSG 100 Introduction to Nursing 3
AHMS 144 Medical Terminology 3

*Please note that these courses require some proctored tests throughout the semester. Students will work with the instructor to coordinate this process. Students should be able to take proctored tests at their high school.

Interested in classes you don’t see listed here?  MSU Billings has additional courses for high school students to fulfill general education requirements. Learn more about University Connections and the other courses offered.

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