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A&SC Arts and Sciences
ABDY Auto Body
ACTG Accounting (formerly ACCT & CTBU)
AHMS Allied Health: Medical Coding/Insurance Billing (formerly CODE & HLTH)
AHXR Allied Health: Radiologic Technology (formerly RAD)
ANTY Anthropology
ARTH Art History
ARTZ Visual Arts
AST Automotive Service Technician (formerly AUTO)
ASTR Astronomy
BGEN General Business (formerly CTBU)
BIOB General Biology
BIOH Human Biology (formerly HLTH and BIOL)
BMGT Business Management (formerly CTBU & HR)
BMIS Business Management Information Systems
BMKT Business Marketing (formerly CTBU)
CAPP Computer Applications (formerly CMP & MIS)
CHMY Chemistry (formerly CHEM)
CMP Computer Applications
COMX Communication (formerly COMT)
CRWR Creative Writing (formerly ENGL)
CSCI Computer Science/Programming (formerly CMP, CST, & MIS)
CST Computer Systems Technology
CSTN Construction Trades (formerly CARP & TRID)
CTBU Business
DDSN Drafting (formerly DRFT & DSGN)
DST Diesel Service Technician (formerly DIES)
ECNS Economics (formerly ECON)
ECP Emergency Care Provider and Paramedic (formerly PARA)
ELCT Electrical Technology
ETEC Electronics Technology
EDU Education
FIRE Fire Science
GEO Geoscience: Geology
GPHY Geoscience: Geography
HLTH Health Science
HON Honors
HR Human Resources
HSTA American History
HSTR World History
HTH Health (formerly HHP)
HVC Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (formerly HVAC)
ITS Information Technology Systems (formerly CMP & CST)
LIT Literature
LSCI Library Science (formerly LS)
M Mathematics (formerly MATH)
MART Media Arts (formerly DSGN)
MUSI Music
NASX Native American Studies
NRGY Sustainable Energy (formerly SET)
NRSG Nursing (formerly NURS)
NTS Networking Technology Systems (formerly ITS)
NUTR Nutrition (formerly BIOL)
PHL Philosphy
PHSX Physics
PPT Process Plant
PSYX Psychology (formerly PSYC)
PWRP Power Plant
RD Reading
REHA Rehabilitation and Related Services
RLST Religious Studies
SCIN Integrated Sciences
SOCI Sociology (formerly SOCL)
SPNS Spanish
STAT Statistics
TASK Technical Administrative Skills (formerly CTBU)
THTR Theatre
TRID Trade and Industry
WLDG Welding (formerly METL)
WRIT Writing/English (formerly ENGL)

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